COVID-19 Updates:

Starting August 1st, 2020, the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada will be reopening to the public. The museum strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for the visitors and staff. We have been working diligently to provide a clean environment for our visitors, members, and staff. We have increased our cleaning procedures and protocols to follow the governor’s mandate.

The museum has made a few changes regarding entry to the museum. To start, the museum will be reopening by reservation ONLY system. This will prevent the museum from becoming overcrowded. Each reservation slot lasts for 2 hours at a time, once the 2 hours is up the visitors will be asked to leave to allow for proper sanitation. To reserve a time slot click the button below. 

Update 12/11/2020

The Museum is now operating at 50% capacity due to Governor Sisolak's Mandate. We have increased our cleaning protocols as well. We want to be a safe and fun place for all the families within our region. We need people to keep coming in order for the Museum to stay open. We are still requiring reservations which can be made here. We are still having Story Time Adventures, and the art room is open daily along with the STEM lab. 

If you have trouble booking for the day you would like call the museum at (775)884-2226 and we can tell you the availability. Thank you so much for your constant support through this incredibly tough time.

Update 2/18/2021

The Museum is now operating at 35% capacity due to Governor Sisolak's Mandates. Masks are required for every above the age of 5; however, if you have a condition on the CDC's list of illnesses that prevent you from wearing a mask, you do not have to wear one. We are now able to offer birthday parties throughout the day on Saturdays as well. We are also able to host more events due to the allowance of more people in the facility. We pride ourselves on giving families the best deal for the most fun, so your admission will last all day! If you have been around anyone with Covid-19 or recently had it yourself, please avoid coming to the Museum until after your quarantine period. 

Update 6/1/2021

The Museum is now operating at 100% capacity! We are so excited that we can be completely open this summer! We are offering summer camps that are still covid-19 safe. Masks are required for unvaccinated people, but if you have been vaccinated they are not required. Children are still required to wear masks. We encourage all families to still sanitize often and maintain social distancing. Reservations are no longer required for daily admission, but are still required for birthday parties, events, summer camps, and field trips. If you have any questions at all please call (775)884-2226. 

Safety Plan

Below is an outlined safety plan that we strongly encourage visitors to view. This includes all ways the museum is staying safe and clean for our visitors. Each program/part of the museum is outlined in this document. This is to provide our visitors with a clear image of what to expect when visiting the museum. 



Below is the health policy that we strongly encourage visitors to view. This includes the new policy the museum is set to follow in accordance to the governor's mandates. It outlines possible symptoms and proactive ways to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We appreciate your constant support and patience.