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Sponsors and Donors!

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Some of our Sponsors and Donors!​​

#Save the Museum Donors

-Martha Berger Trust

-Maureen and Steve Shanahan

-Melanie McCormick

-Jerky Junction, Inc.

-Click Bond, Inc.

-Charlie Blim at Charlie B. Gallery

-Personnel Plus, Inc.

-Mark Palooliam

-Pizza Factory Carson City

-Lynne Ballatore

-Richard and Leslie Morris

-Karen Stone

-Candace Yancey

-Kimi Johnson

-Steve and Zita Walco

-Jamie Rivera

-Kevin and Bethany

-Mary Powell

-Kelcy Meyer

-Betsy and Steve Montgomery

-Martha Cockell

-The Klein Family

-Fayruz Aboussleman

-James, Emily, and Henry

-Hof Family

-Cox Family

-Sara Lobsinger

-Joan and Grant Gardner family

-Susan Sorenson

-Tara Chelsey Yeoman

-Wolf Family

-Epiphany Burke

-Genevieve Sanders

-Janine Henkel

-The Woodrum Family

-Frost Family

-Kristin Cable

-Jerky Junction

-Vicki Lucky

-Jena Huntington

-Dolores Jackson

-David Ganger

-Karina Ramirez

-Terry and Jan Lute

-Marcia Bernard Cuccaro

-Janet Pefley

-Kelsey Albano

-Jennifer Simkins

-Jennifer Merideth

-Lucinda Lundin

-Christian Rodriguez

-Donald Hatting

-Stephanie Suwe

-Erin Cathers

-Jamie Seward

-Suzanne D. Bickel

-Patricia Lenzi

-Dana Adams

-James Stewart

-Cyndie Young

-Kathleen Campbell

-JD Gibbard

-Courtney Bettingen

-Cristina Sheikman

-Betsy Greenspan

-Richard Jasoni

-Dominique Anguiano

-Rochelle Summers

-Susan Thomson

-Heidi Chlarson

-Brandy Morris

-Toni Klemens

-Karen Wyman

-Zach Conine

-Cassandra Shelton

-Sarah Enbree

-Tim Wilcox

-Renate Hannaman

-Kathleen Jones

-Terry Johnston

-Maurice White

-Arthur Angelo

-Mary Jo Brummer

-James Dawers

-Maud Kathrin Crowell

-Maxine Lievendorfer

-Cowell Family

-Sandra Brennecke

-Charles Kilpatrick

-Tessa R. Richards

-Jessa Richards

-Barbara Turick

-Martha Keating

Chain of Hearts Fundraising Participants

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