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Field Trip Prices

Adults: Free

Children: $6

Field Trip Group Size Limits

Due to space and staffing considerations, groups may not exceed 60 children.




Field Trip Guidelines for your visit at the Children’s Museum


Guidelines for Educators, Aides, and Chaperones (all adults on the field trip)

·         While at the Museum, you are responsible for your students at all times

·         One person in your group is responsible for paying for the entire group at the front desk immediately upon your arrival. This is best to do before the students enter the building or while they are taking a quick bathroom break upon arrival.

·         Please monitor your students and assist the Museum volunteers to make the field trip enjoyable for all.

·         We will have museum visitors and young children who will be on the event floor at the same time as your students. Please remind the students to show respect and to watch out for little ones who are playing.

·         Whether on the Event floor or in the downstairs classroom spaces, students are responsible for putting back anything they have used or played with.

·         Bathroom breaks are encouraged upon arrival at the Museum, at the lunch break, and prior to departure. Teachers please have an adult from your group supervise these breaks.

·         We appreciate feedback after the field trip to help us in improving our field trip program.


Guidelines for Students

·              We are delighted you have come to the Children’s Museum!

·         Please remember you are guests but not our only guests. Other families with very young children may also be visiting the museum. When you are playing on the event floor, be especially careful as you play. Watch out for other guests to the Museum.

·         Play and have fun but be sure to put back any items you play with.

·         Show respect to the Museum volunteers that are teaching your class at the Museum.

·         Walk in the hallways in an orderly manner so that transitions to your next activity run smoothly.

·         When it is time, clean up quickly, and follow your teacher/aide quietly to the next activity.



Thank you so much for visiting the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada.


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