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813 N. Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701

For additional information: Please call the museum at: 775-884-2226 or email us at

Museum Hours: We are open 7 days a week from 10am-4:30pm. (Excluding major holidays).

0-1 Years - Free
Ages 2-15 - $4.00
Ages 16-64 - $6.00
Ages 65+ and Military - $5.00

Contact Us

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers of all ages (16+) are needed in all aspects of the museum from special event staff to weekly docents. Technical volunteers are needed to repair, refurbish and upgrade exhibits. Builders, carpenters, painters, docents and other miscellaneous personnel are needed to help expand, maintain and assist in various events. MVP’s will assist in organizing supplies, events, fundraisers, clean and maintain current exhibits and assist in day to day operations of the museum.

With your help we can maintain a high level of programs and exhibits and continue to offer a fun, safe place where the children of Carson City and their families can come and experience the wonder and joy of learning.

Please call or come by the museum today and we will be happy to assist you in getting signed up for this wonderful new program: (775) 884-2226 – 813 N. Carson Street, Carson City, NV.

Thank you to our volunteers for Art Camp:
  • Amy Olsen
  • Alisa Kuniya
  • Alyssa Jensick
  • Becca Mason
  • Camille Howard
  • Carole Tashman
  • Casey Gilles
  • Clair Bridwell
  • Janet Baker
  • Julie Spence
  • Kathy Hiltgen
  • Lake Shank
  • Mike Mason
  • Pam Shank
  • Paxton Spence
  • Yana Kind
  • Zach Kind

Thank you to our Yard Sale Volunteers:
Lions Club members: Ray, Phil, Tim, Mark, Travis and Lu
Crafty Chicks members: Carole, Kathy, Marian and Millie
Elks Club #2177 member: Frank Furnari

  • Amy Olsen
  • Carolyn Messer
  • Casey Gilles
  • Cianna Gransberry
  • Dane Olsen
  • Dave Messner
  • Ethan Spence
  • Frank Watkins
  • Ilene Potter
  • Jace Zampiro
  • Jim LaPorte
  • Julie Spence
  • Mark Kuniya
  • Mark Olsen
  • Norm Tashman
  • Paxton Spence
  • Ryan West
  • Steve Spence
  • Tracey George
  • Yana Kind
  • Zach Kind
  • Zavier Brown

Because of you, we can continue to serve our community with many fun, hands-on learning activities and exhibits throughout the year.

Gratefully, Lu Olsen, Executive Director.