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Museum Hours: We are open 7 days a week from 10am-4:30pm. (Excluding major holidays).

0-1 Years - Free
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Exhibits in Progress

Timeline of Flight Hallway

We are currently working on a timeline of flight in our basement hallway. We have started with the Wright Brothers, moved toward Charles Lindberg and are now working on the military planes section. We will end with the Space Station.

Part of the Wright Brothers Display
Part of the Wright Brothers Display
Charles Lindberg display
Charles Lindberg display
Part of the Wright Brothers Display
Military Plane Display case.
Many planes were donated by avid collectors.

Biomes focus on animals

Many elementary aged students don’t yet know about the varieties of biomes found around the world. We have started a biome room. Each biome will highlight the animal life found in that biome.

We have started with the Arctic biome because a polar bear skin was donated years ago. We recently had it cleaned and now have displayed it in the arctic section of the room. We have other arctic information that will be displayed as well.

The next section is all about the Savanna. Our mural highlights the many different animals found in the region.

Both of these exhibits are works in progress relying on funding and volunteer help.